Delivery on/around CSU Campus

CSU Campus Deliveries:

All shipping orders that have a delivery address on or near the Colorado State University Campus will be hand delivered by a member of our team. 

We have experienced a significant increase in stolen and lost packages in these areas, so we will hand-deliver the packages to ensure they reach their recipients.


While this may be slightly confusing, here is the golden rule to remember: 

If you want to have the package delivered to your door, choose SHIPPING.

If you want to come pick up your package from our store, choose IN-STORE PICKUP.

*Please note that our store is NOT located on campus. It is located in the Front Range Village shopping center off of Harmony. 


I only see a shipping option. Is that the correct option for a CSU Campus delivery?

  • Yes. If you want your package delivered to your door, you must choose the shipping option.

What is the price for this delivery service?

  • Shipping and delivery fees are both $9.99. This will be added on at checkout upon choosing the shipping option.


Can I choose in-store pickup and still have it delivered on campus?

  • No. You must choose the shipping option. If you choose in-store pickup, your order must be picked up by you at our store location.


I chose the shipping option but I live on campus... How do I ensure it is being hand delivered?

  • Being from Fort Collins, we are very knowledgeable about the area. If we see that your address is on or near the CSU campus, we automatically pull it for hand-delivery. 


I'm sending this to someone else. Do I put their phone number or mine?

  • Please include the contact information of the recipient. Our delivery team will use this to contact them when they are in the area. Don't worry - we won't give away what is inside the package.