Frequently Asked Questions


Short: 1-2 days on average.
Long: We ship orders Monday thru Friday and some Saturdays. Our goal everyday is to ship all orders placed the day they were placed. But, there are times when we can't do that (large receiving day, weather, holidays, etc.)

Our shipping software and Store app both generate a shipment notification with tracking information. So, you will receive 1-2 emails when we ship your order.

Either we haven't shipped your order yet or the notification is in your spam/junk folder.
Our systems will send this notification to the email you entered when placing the order or the email associated with your account. Please check for mispellings.

Each order is hand picked and packed by LEFoCo Order Fulfillment staff. Each item is QA'd to be in collector quality condition. Once picked and QA'd, the items are packed for shipping. We place the order in a plastic bag to prevent water damage, keep the items clean, and to help us pack. Depending on the ordered items we might ship in a box or a poly bag. Larger orders will be vac-sealed to reduce shipping cost.

QA : Quality Assurance. We strive to ship out only collector quality items. After your item is picked it will be checked for:

  • Open seams, tears, etc.
  • Smudged, stains, dirt
  • Missing, damaged, or incorrect tag
  • Correctly placed stitching and embroidery
  • Missing or extra ears, tails, etc.
Items that come pre vacuum sealed from the factory are QA'd as best we can but the factory seal will not be opened.

What doesn't count as a QA fail:

  • Fabric not all "laying" the same
  • Strings in seams
  • Amount of stuffing (though we will fail an item if it's obviously under-stuffed :D
  • Bent but not creased tags
  • Loose or stitched under fuzzies
  • Imprints in fabric from original shipping


More to come ...