Website Disclaimers

We do not take phone orders. Phone calls slow our shipping process and our brick and mortar operations. Our goal is fast processing of web orders and timely, helpful support for our in-store customers. Our thanks for your understanding.

If a product is not on the site, we don't have the stock, are waiting for a shipment, or haven't had the opportunity to list yet. Please don't call for inventory updates. Find us in in social media, email us, or use the SquishAlert app.

We list product and inventory at our discretion. Market forces, inventory, and staffing drive this process.

We limit the quantity that can be purchased for some items. This is to allow everyone the opportunity to purchase at normal prices. Resellers, please see for info.

We hope you can appreciate our effort to keep the market for Squishmallows open and fair for everyone.

If you have any questions, please read our policy on order limitations or feel free to contact us before placing your order. We can and will block from our website those who try to bypass this policy.